To Know God and make Him known

Meet the team

Tina // USA, 24

Some favourites: authenticity, birkenstocks and socks, worshipping with kids, handleless mugs (preferably filled with coffee)

Casotto Family

Matias, Argentina: varnishing wood, BBQ, innovation/experiments, the seaside

Marta, Portugal: strong coffee, masterchef, honest conversations, creative writing

Kai, UK: trains, pooping, all things water, making people smile, the word ‘agua’

Laura // USA, 22

Some favourites: Adventuring, writing (songs and stories), music and a good curry.

Banquet Internship

‘A 6 week residential Jesus adventure learning the art of culinary compassion.  Do you love Jesus? Do you class food as one of your love languages? Would you like to know how to combine faith and food through Jesus inspired compassion?  Then this might just be for you. 

No official cooking abilities needed.  Just a love of Jesus and food, a willingness to learn and relearn, prepared to work hard and, ideally, good taste buds.  

The banquet table is set…will you join us?



Ephesians 6:18 tells us to ‘pray in the Spirit at all times’, with prayer being one of our greatest weapons in the war against the enemy and his schemes. We come together as a team multiple times each week to pray for… Read more

Evangelism – Sharing Jesus

Through evangelism, we implement one of the most important values in YWAM, to Make God Known. We take time each week to go into the city for the sole purpose of speaking with people about God’s love for them… Read more


We believe worship to be a lifestyle of ‘spirit and truth’ driven by constant encounter with the Father. When we acknowledge God and give Him glory, He shows us who we are as His children… Read more


Whether you are from Nottingham, visiting our beautiful city, or looking to join our pioneering team, please feel free contact us! We have an open home, open table policy and are happy to answer your questions, or meet up for a cuppa. 
Address: Sneinton, NG2 4AG