Banquet Internship

A 6 week residential Jesus adventure learning the art of culinary compassion.  Do you love Jesus? Do you class food as one of your love languages? Would you like to know how to combine faith and food through Jesus inspired compassion?  Then this might just be for you. 

No official cooking abilities needed.  Just a love of Jesus and food, a willingness to learn and relearn, prepared to work hard and, ideally, good taste buds.  

There are 3 ways you can join our internship.

Option 1 – Apply for our full 6 week residential internship

Option 2 – Commit to 6 weeks of non residential training
      (usually evenings / weekends)

Option 3 – Drop in for a one off training session and / or teaching

**Please note that only the full 6 week residential internship will be fully registered and accredited by the University of Nations at the end of successful completion. **

Content Overview

The internship will follow 3 tracks throughout the 6 weeks focusing on the following:

  1. Gospel focused biblical teachings on the Ministry of Jesus

  2. Practical skills relevant to food, cooking and mercy ministries

  3. Culinary compassion projects & mercy ministries

Dates & Costs

8th October – 15th November 2019
& July 2020

Internship Cost: £750 (residential cost)

Registration:   £10 (due with application, non-refundable)

Deposit:   £100 (due upon offer of place, part of internship cost, non-refundable)

For costs of non-residential training and drop-in sessions, please contact us.
Visas // Immigration

If you are not a British Citizen and are from outside the EU, you may need a visa to enter the UK and train with us. 

Please note that although we are here to help with your application process and any queries you may have, it is your responsibility to make sure that you follow the correct immigration procedures to legally enter the UK and train with us.  This process can sometimes take a long time so we ask that you take this into consideration, and wherever possible, we recommend that you apply for the internship at least 3 months before the start date.