Ephesians 6:18 tells us to ‘pray in the Spirit at all times’, with prayer being one of our greatest weapons in the war against the enemy and his schemes.

We come together as a team multiple times each week to pray for events happening around the world as well as in the lives of individuals. In faith, we make our requests known to God, trusting that through Him healing will be given, nations will be shaken, and that His kingdom will come to our city.


Whether done corporately or individually, we believe worship to be a lifestyle of ‘spirit and truth’ driven by constant encounter with the Father. When we acknowledge God and give Him glory, He shows us who we are as His children. It is this discovery of identity that allows us to pour ourselves into all areas of society and make a difference in our modern world.

Multiple times each week we partake in musical worship each by ourselves, and together on the streets of Nottingham. Every Wednesday we gather at our house together in the evening with others from around the city for corporate encounter with Jesus.


Through evangelism, we implement one of the most important values in YWAM, to Make God Known. We take time each week to go into the city for the sole purpose of speaking with people about God’s love for them. The method of doing so may look different each week, from delivering prophetic words for individuals to sitting with them at a meal and simply sharing in fellowship.

Our team shares a special heart for seeing Muslims come to know the love of Christ, and we annually partake in several projects and groups to serve and connect with them. We believe the love of God is for everyone, no matter the age, nationality, or history. We pray that we may be carriers of that love to everyone we meet in the city of Nottingham.